The Neverlandings is a Budapest based Hungarian alternative pop – rock band formed in 2018 and composed of songwriter Sándor Kele (lead vocals, keyboard, acoustic guitar), István G. Hatvani (bass guitar, backing vocals), Ágnes Dőry Szép (keyboards), Tamás Csaba (guitar) and Christian Bruni (drums).

Story of the band
Early years (2015-2017)
In 2016 Sándor Kele teamed up with István G. Hatvani, Bence Práder and Alberto Piantanida to record his songs at the Pesti Studio with the help of Csaba Csé Balogh (ex-Anton Vezuv guitarist). The early versions of the songs: Johnny went for rain, Sunday, Legacy, Roses around you and Minutes on Earth were recorded and the band name Doctor Doctor was chosen. In May 2017, a new drummer, Ágoston Kiss (a friend of Sándor) has arrived to replace Alberto.The demos were sent to the organizers of the international Veszprémi Utcazene Fesztivál and the band was chosen to give 4 concerts and spent 4 awesome days in July 2017 in Veszprém. The songs were shown for the first time to the public, and the feedback was really positive. There was, however, a need for a fifth member to complete the sound of the band.

The current line-up (2017-)
In September 2017, an experienced guitarist-songwriter, Tamás Csaba (ex: Kingston Cruisers, Darwin, Suburban Neon) joined the band and after two months the band had its first club-concert in December 2017 at Ellátóház, followed by a gig in Barba Negra Music Club in early 2018. The band spent 2017 and early 2018 playing at various clubs of the Budapest nightlife. In late 2018 the band finished re-working on their old songs and also composed new ones and decided to record their first album. With Gábor Nóniusz producer an extended EP with five songs (Minutes on Earth) was recorded at the Bresaola Studios Budapest and the band decided to take a new name: The Neverlandings.